Proposition K’s supporters are heavily funded by pimps and madams who will gain a great deal should the measure pass. As the voice of the women, children, men, the transgendered and immigrants who will be put in harm’s way should Prop K pass, our campaign needs your help.

Proposition K’s proponents argue that Proposition K will offer safety, but their claims couldn’t be further from the truth. This dangerous measure would de-fund the very programs that allow men, women and children trapped in prostitution to escape, and it will empower their captors by allowing them to operate in our city without fear of being caught or prosecuted.   The San Francisco D.A.’s office stated that: “The proposed measure would expressly bar the investigation and prosecution of human trafficking crimes.”  

Without your help, San Francisco voters won’t hear the truth about how dangerous this measure truly is.

Without your help, human trafficking and prostitution will be allowed to continue without the investigative tools local police need to stop it.
Please consider contributing to our campaign. With your support, we’ll tell San Franciscans the truth about the threats that come with de-funding the programs that help victims recover. With your help, we can protect the victims of human trafficking and punish those who prey on them.


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